I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I work;

the Yuggera people and their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

I Work With Individuals, Couples & Families – Face to Face & Online


Individual Therapy

Seeing children, teens and adults, I offer the flexibility of in-person sessions in my rooms or online.


Couples Therapy

Couple and Family Therapy; for all the diverse couples and families



I offer supervision to individuals and small groups that are looking to build on their clinical skills working with individuals, and in the perinatal area.


Often when we think of starting a family our thoughts go to baby names and things we need to buy. We don’t give conception much thought, but many families I work with struggle to fall or maintain pregnancies. I offer a space to talk through the grief and disappointment to help you make sense of what you are going through.

In the movies, on Instagram, in advertising, families seem happy and as though they love spending their time together. The reality of parenting can be so much harder and less enjoyable. Many parents I see are disappointed, angry, and not enjoying parenthood as they expected to. I offer a non-judgemental space to talk through all your feelings around being a parent.

Some kids grow and develop without any major struggles, others seem to get stuck in different areas. I work with many different children that are stuck and need some support in adjusting to change and building their social skills. To help them feel more confident in their own ability to cope with stress and new challenges

As we grow and change our relationships with our family can often change. But this also brings about new challenges as we learn to redefine boundaries and our new roles. Many people come to see me after stress, illness or loss to better understand their relationship with their family members.

We have to spend 24/7 with ourselves and when we aren’t feeling very good about who we are this can be such hard work! Unhappiness with who you are, how you look, or what you have achieved are some of the common reasons people come to see me. Finding a way to have more self compassion and understanding can help us all to feel better about who we are.

For many different reasons, many people find out they are pregnant unexpectedly and are not sure what they would like to do about it. I offer a non judgemental space to talk through how you feel about being pregnant and options you have. To help you feel you are able to make a decision about what choice you would like to make regarding the pregnancy.

Who knew just how little babies can sleep and how often they can wake up! So many people give unwanted sleep advice that is not based on evidence and can be so confusing and conflicting! I offer non cry base sleep support utilising the ‘Possums’ approach to help you and your baby get the most sleep possible. People also come and see me to talk thought feeding and play concerns. Together we can talk through these worries and work out a way to support your child’s growth and development.

Many people grow up with a binary understanding of sexuality gender and identify, yet they feel that this doesn’t fit their own experience or that of their loved one. I offer to space to talk through your thoughts and build and understanding of what your sexuality, gender or identity means to you.

Relationships can be so hard and can often find themselves running off track, sometimes into a ditch. I work with many couples and ex-couples struggling to get back to where they want to be, that haven’t been able to do it on their own.

Life can be so busy and stressful, many people I see have stress, depression and anxiety as life has gotten too much to manage. I work with people to understand how and why this has happened and ways they can make changes to find a new way forward.

Some people feel happy and confident about becoming a parent, but many other people don’t. often our own childhood sets the blueprint of our expectations and when our own wasn’t that easy parenting can be scary. I offer a space to talk through your own experiences and values, to help you find your own way to parent that doesn’t have to be the same as your past.

Tantrums are normal, some of the time. But tantrums ALL of the time can be a sign that something is a little off in your family. I work with parents to understand the emotional need behind the tantrums and find a different emotionally connected way of responding to them.

Over our lifetime we all gather memories and baggage. Some positive and enjoyable, but other negative experiences can weigh us down. I offer a space to talk through your past to free you from the emotional weight you are carrying with you.

Many relationship's go through periods of instability and disappointment. Some people respond to this by looking outside the marriage. I offer a space to talk this through and develop a deeper understanding of why this choice was made, and how you feel about the relationship.

Life can be more fragile than we realise until we lose someone or come close to losing someone. Then our own immortality and our immense sense of loss can be overwhelming. Sometimes this passes with time, other times we need some support to talk this through to fully understand our grief and the pain we feel in losing someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

No, you can certainly self-refer, however if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate then please see your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan or referral for Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling.

It’s hard to get to East Brisbane – can I see you online?

You certainly can! I frequently see clients over the world via the Zoom platform which you can download onto your computer, phone or tablet – which means you can access therapy wherever is convenient.

Can I talk to you before making a referral?

Yes, please send an email or give me a quick call and together we can work out if I am a good fit for you and make an appointment time.


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