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Hello! I’m Brooke!

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker | Perinatal, Child and Family Therapist

People come to see me because there is something in their life that is directly having an impact on their happiness or satisfaction with how things are for them. For some people, this may be a really obvious thing, while for others, it may take a little unearthing to get to the root of their unhappiness.  I help people of all shapes, sizes, genders and sexualities – individuals, couples, families – understand the issue and themselves more deeply to find another way forward. 

For over fifteen years I have been providing therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy across a variety of roles in the public and private sector. These roles have been in the family, health, maternity, perinatal mental health and adult mental health field where I have provided assessment and therapy to people experiencing anything from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, relationship difficulties.

A primary focus of my practice is supporting people pregnant people and new parents. This is such a critical time in a child’s development while at the same time being one of the hardest adjustment periods that people can go through. Becoming a parent can often unsurface emotional issues that we may have about our own upbringing – emotions that we may not have even known we had. Because if not dealt with appropriately, these issues can impact on the bonding and attachment that we form with our baby. I work hard with parents to understand and process these emotions to improve your relationshsip with your child.

I also frequently see parents who are not loving being a parent as much as they thought they would. Whether it’s perinatal depression or anxiety (perinatal means from the antenatal stage through the baby is a few years old), stress, relationship pressures – there are so many things that can impact on whether we enjoy being a parent. In this ‘insta’ age, it’s really easy to develop unrealistic expectations of what the early years might look like – we have dreams of idyllic nursery’s, organic linen baby clothes, easy adjustment to a lack of sleep – but the reality can be starkly different.- and admitting the struggle – admitting that it can be hard and that some days just downright suck – well, it’s just not something many people feel comfortable doing. These emotions can quickly spiral into shame and isolation.

Because of this – my rooms are a safe, judgement free place where I help you identify and work through the things that aren’t working – whether it be about baby sleep, feeding or dealing with an unsettled baby – you can come here knowing that I understand the pressures and realities of being a new parent. I understand tiredness, needing to be everything to everyone and having fourteen balls in the air at once.

My VISION for my practice is to provide a safe and confidential place for individuals, couples and families to work through their emotions and difficulties in a safe and respectful way. If this sounds like what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

My Approach & Values

I am an Australian Association of Social Workers Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) based in Brisbane. I have extensive experience working with children, parents, couples and families from a client-centred, attachment and developmental framework.

What this means is that I see the uniqueness in every individual and family and adjust my therapeutic processes accordingly.  I help you to uncover the best way forward so that you can deal with similar issues in the future.

Working from an attachment and developmental framework means that I am inherently interested in the role that our primary relationships in our early years have informed the ways that we see the world – how we think, feel, react and our ability to regulate our behaviour and emotions. I help you uncover ways to have better relationships – with your partner, parents, children or yourself.

When parents come to see me about particular challenges that they may be having with their child – whether it be from newborn to adult, I work with the parents to understand their child better – to see the expression of behaviours and emotions in the context of their age and development and to identify strategies that are meaningful to your children’s developmental stage.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science – Major in Psychology and              Neuroscience – La Trobe University
  • Bachelor of Social Work – La Trobe University
  • Graduate Diploma Infant Mental Health – Melbourne University
  • Master of Mental Health – Major in Child Psychotherapy –               Monash University

Professional Membership

  • Australian Association of Social Work – Accredited Mental              Health Social Worker
  • Australian Association of Infant Mental Health member
  • Australian Association of Family Therapy Professional member

I Work With Individuals, Couples & Families – Face to Face & Online

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Online Workshops

"Build them up now, rather than repair them later."

~ Brooke Shelton

"Parenting is walking toward your child when you want to walk away"

~ Brooke Shelton

"Having boundaries doesn't mean you don't care about other people. It means you care about yourself".

~ Brooke Shelton

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I work; the Yuggera people and their Elders, past, present and emerging.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.   

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